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Where Pizza Meets Passion!

Mac's Pizza strives to provide guests with an experience rarely seen from a pizza oven.  From our ingredients to our culinary execution, we provide only the best.  Enjoy a classic pizza done right, or venture into something new like our award winning Chicago Gyro pizza.  Enjoy our fresh sauce spun wings or any of our mouth-watering sandwiches.  See, at Mac's it's the passion that makes the difference, not to mention our never ending quest to combine refined culinary style with classic, tried and true concepts.  So sit back, relax, grab a cold one, and let Mac's take you to a place pizza never has before!

Mac Ryan

It may help everyone to know that I love pizza, always have. To quote Anthony Bourdain “I started working in restaurants for the same reason as everyone else my age did, for free food and to get laid.”  Turns out I was just at the very beginning of what is now my passion.  I truly want people to come in to one of my restaurants and receive a top quality product, provided at a reasonable price, be treated with respect and delivered in a fun, lively yet laid back atmosphere.

When I was in high school I had a few theatre jobs, boring.  Everything changed when I got my job at the Zino’s in Hyde Park.  I was a true rookie and they worked my tail off.  I had to work in the dish tank for almost 9 months before I was “allowed” to work on the line or the oven.  I actually yearned for the day when I would be promoted to line and the .05 cents/hour that came along with it.
So throughout my high school years and summers and on into college I continued doing what I seemed to know how to do.  I learned many of my lifes lessons during this time.  I worked for large corporations like TGI Fridays and learned a phenomenal amount of the “corporate” side of the business yet I also worked for several small and independent operations as well.  Perhaps the most memorable were the years I spent working virtually everywhere on the island of Put-In-Bay.  It was seasonal work that essentially paid for my degree from BGSU but also furnished me with a certificate from the college of Hard Knox.  It is a small island, once all the employers/owners know your work ethic they all will give you as many hours as possible.  In my case, 3 jobs at a time per summer.  I learned about things I never knew existed and used muscles I did not know I had.  Brutal, yet extremely satisfying work.  I loved every minute of it and have since taken my entire staff on a bus trip there.  (reward for meeting bevinco numbers).  After college I did enjoy a year out in Colorado in the hospitality industry working at Crested Butte and also a pizza place in Boulder. 

For the following 6-7 years I learned a whole new set of skills that would later serve me well.  Working in the staffing industry was enlightening to say the least.  Having a background in manufacturing processes got me in a lot doors but thankfully I was able to hone my sales skills.  I helped physically built several locations for these companies and thus I spent the bulk of my time working on every component of our business development.  The skills required to build daily-pay staffing depots are different than restaurants but yet also taught me most of the required skills I would later need.  Once we had them designed and built I then developed a client base for each location and essentially got them up and running….to the tune of millions and millions of dollars. In the end I was making money for someone else and for the amount of work I was doing, not worth it.

I had a few friends making good money brokering mortgages, so I thought it would be better for me and my now wife if I worked less and hopefully could continue to make good money.  Well, that kinda worked.  I did work less.  I was at the tail end of the re-fi boom and found I was losing deals to unscrupulous competitors.  So eventually I left that line of work.  But not before I learned a lot about financing, also a skill that would later come to be of great service.  I also bought several apartment buildings that I still own/manage.

After some soul searching I began to sculpt the idea of Mac’s Pizza Pub. Seven years, two children and a few grey hairs later we are on the verge of opening our third location.  The really exciting part is that now having a bona-fide chef on board we can develop the systems to take to the next level.  We have interest already in locations 4 and 5 but cannot entertain them until this phase of our growth process is complete. And so the work goes on….